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Im back

Hey guys, im so so soo sorry i stopped writing. Im caught up with homework & work, i got no time to write … So i was thinking, should i keep writing AATW? would you guys read it? Please message me if you think i should keep writing & also if you have any ideas, leave me a message! I love you guys xx

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Great news!

Im posting tonight & something exciting will be happening!

All Around The World #27



Adriana’s POV

 “Hey Sel!” I said as I walked in the office.

“Hey, what’s up?” she asked, cheerfully.

“Oh, nothing. What about you?” I asked her, taking a sip out of my water bottle.

“Is everything alright? You look a bit down.” She said, sitting down beside me.

“Justin has just been acting weird lately.” I said, looking down at the floor.

“What’s going on?” she asked me.

“He just doesn’t like the fact that I hang out with boys and he thinks they are flirting with me.” I explained to her.

“Yeah, Justin can get very jealous sometimes.” She laughed.

“I know, but let’s get to work.” I stood up and got prepared to go back to recording.


Justin’s POV


“Where have you been?” I asked Adriana as soon as she got home.

“I was in the studio with Selena, then we went to the mall.” She said, grabbing something out of the fridge.

“And you couldn’t tell me?” I asked.

“Do I have to tell you everything I do and whoever I’m with?” she said, sounding a little bit annoyed. 

“I was just worried about you. You know how the paparazzi’s are, they could make up things about you that could ruin our career.” I said, getting a little upset.

“Whatever Justin.” She said, rolling her eyes and walking upstairs.


Adriana’s POV


I was getting really annoyed with his attitude lately. I couldn’t do anything with anybody without him knowing. He acted worst than my dad was acting before I moved out. I didn’t know how long I could stand him like this but I knew it wouldn’t be long until I get tired of it. I loved him but he was really getting on my last nerve.


I have been lying in bed for about an hour until I heard the door open, it was Justin.


“You’re still here?” he asked me, walking into his closet.

“Where do you want me to go, I can’t really do anything without telling you.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Ade, are you actually going to act like this?” he said, sounding a little bit annoyed.

“You’re the one overreacting.” I sassed back.

“Are you kidding me? I’m not overreacting.” Justin yelled from his closet. Right then, I knew this would turn out in a fight and I had to get out of here.

“Whatever you say Justin.” I said as I got out of bed and walked out.

“Where are you going?” he yelled, but I ignored him and just kept walking.

I drove around for a while, without knowing where I was going. I stopped by a beach and decided to go sit by the water for a little bit until I was ready to go back home. It was really warm outside and there weren’t a lot of people, which was perfect. The sound of waves crashing was so relaxing; I could’ve stayed here forever if I could.


It was about 8p.m when I heard a car coming. I didn’t know who it was but all I wanted was to be alone, I didn’t want to get noticed by anybody. I didn’t even bother looking back to see who it was, I just kept looking at the ocean in front of me.


“Ade! What are you doing here?” Justin yelled sounding relieved.

“What do you want Justin?” I said, without even looking back to him.

“I was worried about you.” He said, walking closer and closer to me.

“Oh, were you now, or did you think I was with some other guy?” I said, rolling my eyes. I could tell he was right behind me since I could hear him breathing. I stood up and turned around to face him.

“Listen, I know I’ve been overprotective lately but I’m just so scared to lose you. I love you so much Ade. You’re the only one I can imagine myself with for the rest of my life. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You’re the reason for the smile on my face. I love you.” He said as he hugged me tight. Even though he had been acting like a total jerk these couple weeks, I couldn’t stay mad at him for long.

“I love you too.” I said, kissing him softly. 

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AATW 27 is written & im writting AATW 28 (finale) right now!

i’ll post as soon as wifi works on my laptop!

** i write bieber fanfictions, if you are a new reader please start from the beginning or it wont make sense. Please do not delete my writing on the pictures, it wont show up on your blog! Enjoy! **
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